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At Payless Carpet & Tile we believe from a visual perspective, the vast majority of hardwood floors are created using similar techniques, and many are purported to last for centuries. However, there are some factors that will determine the preferred choice for a particular household. Aesthetics is often cited as one of the main motivations, with people opting for a specific style and color scheme to match their existing décor.


However, there are a number of elements that can prove influential beyond simply matching the furniture. For example, grip is very important in high-use areas such as nurseries and kitchens. The ease with which hardwood floors can be cleaned without damaging the finish is another common concern for homeowners. While this wasn’t quite so much of an issue until recently, recent advances have produced surfaces that can withstand the sort of cleaning chemicals previously used only for carpets.


URBAN LIFESTYLE Hardwood Collections

Urbanfloor specializes in quality hardwood flooring and is dedicated to offering high-quality hardwood floors for all budgets. We have many styles and species of wood flooring to choose from, including handscraped, modern, distressed and more.

As one of the most trusted names in hardwood flooring, Urbanfloor brings more than 20 years of experience to each engineered wood floor product. Our superior-quality asphaltic adhesives between each ply help create a stable and resilient surface that is both durable and long lasting.



CLiffside Old Master collection

We at Old Master Products create and distribute beautiful and enduring hardwood flooring. Every one of our products is manufactured with mastery in design and expertise in construction. We understand your desire for beautiful floors and your need for quality products that will last, so we deliver just that: stunning flooring to take pride in!

Delivering beauty and resilience, every hardwood flooring product we create at Garrison Collection is backed by our company’s wealth of experience!



BELLAGIO Collection of Hardwood floors by Old Master Products
Cantina Collection of Hardwood floors by Old Master Products
Canyon-Crest-European-Oak-Collection of Hardwood floors by Old Master Products
Interior Design


Just as every artist finds inspiration in different ways, so do hardwood floors. Classic and contemporary shapes merge with both glistening and matte finishes to create affordable flooring that can transform an entire room. Brushed softness will bring character to your home, or a glossy shine will illuminate a space.

Simply glance at any of our brand partners, catalogs by clicking on their collection names, once you chose your desired product, we will order and install them for you with your peace in mind!

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